is transforming the way that you feed your horses by offering them the most nutritious feed available in the market.  We are an environmentally responsible company dedicated to improving the health of your horse by carefully putting together the most beneficial ingredients to create a SUPER FOOD for your horses.


Our passion and drive motivate us to ensure that you always receive a top-quality product.  We take pride in carefully reviewing every single detail from beginning to end, in order to meet all of your expectations.



FRESH MAT is an innovative company that truly cares about the health of your horses.  Our team of experts has thoroughly considered your horse’s needs and has developed the most complete supplement available to them.
We are very passionate about what we do.  We are sure that giving your horses a live, FRESH, natural, and wholesome food will not only make your horses HAPPY, but it will also make them very HEALTHY.
Our company greatly cares about the environment.  That is why we are committed to always being responsible with the world around us, moving towards a better future.  Our consciousness and mindfulness for improving the world we live in, is a very important aspect of who we are and what we stand for.


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We are a company committed to superb animal nutrition. That is why we offer a hydroponic, natural and live food supplement for your horses.

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