What is Fresh Mat?

Fresh Mat is a nutritious supplement for horses that is made with specially selected NON-GMO seeds.  The seeds are then carefully sprouted under a very controlled environment, guaranteeing an excellent source of protein, vitamins and nutrients. 

Where is Fresh Mat available?

Currently, Fresh Mat is only available in South Florida, specifically Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

For orders outside of the coverage area, but within the State of Florida, please contact us at freshmat@fresh-mat.com and we will gladly evaluate the available options for delivery. 

How can I enroll in the Frest Mat expericene?

You can sign up online at https://fresh-mat.com, by sending us an email at freshmat@fresh-mat.com or by phone (754) 227-5299.

Can I purchase more than one subscription under the same account?

Yes, you may purchase as many subscriptions as you would like under one account.

Can I give Fresh Mat as a gift to someone?

Absolutely! Anyone would be very happy to receive Fresh Mat as a gift! You can do so on our webpage or by sending us an e-mail and we will notify the person of your thoughtful gift.

How can I contact someone at Fresh Mat?

Our office hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. You can send us an email at freshmat@fresh-mat or give us a call at (754) 227-5299.

What payment methods do you accept?

Just about any.  You may pay using a credit or debit card, direct deposit or paypal.

What is the renewal policy for the subscriptions?

All subscription plans are automatically renewed each month, quarter or semester depending on which subscription you are enrolled in.

You can find more about this under Terms and Conditions.

When will I receive the product?

You will receive Fresh Mat on a daily basis ready to be fed out to your horse.

Once payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email and deliveries will begin 7 days later.

Please visit our Terms and Conditions section to learn more about this.

What is the cost of shipping?

Shipping is included in the price of each subsciption.  You will not have to pay anything extra!

How can I change the delivery address?

Simply send us an email at freshmat@fresh-mat.com and we will make the changes needed.

Please visit our Terms and Conditions section to learn about any feed that may apply.

What if my Fresh Mat bag is received in poor conditions?

Although we are very careful when delivering the bags, it is possible that a bag may get damaged during delivery.  If this happens, or if the security tag is damaged and the product is not suitable for your horse to consume, please send us a photo to freshmat@fresh-mat.com and a representative will be in touch with you to resolve the issue.

What can I do if I cannot log into my account?

Don’t worry.  If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot Password” to receive an email to reset it.  If you continue to have difficulties logging in, please contact us at freshmat@fresh-mat.com and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

My credit card was declined but I do not want to discontinue my subscription. What can I do?

No problem, maybe your credit card is simply expired! You can log into your account and change the payment method or you can contact us by email at freshmat@fresh-mat.com or call us at (754) 227-5299.

How do I log into my account and what can I do once I am logged in?

In the main menu of our website https://fresh-mat.com, click on “My Account” and enter your user name and password.

Once you are logged in you will be able to see and manage your orders and subscriptions.  You can also modify your delivery address as well as payment method.

What is the cancelation policy?

We hope that you do not cancel, but if you need to for any reason, yo may do so before the end of your subscription.  You can find more details on this in your account.

Please visit the Terms and Conditions section for more information about cancelation policy, conditions and any applicable fees.