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I started using Fresh Mat about three weeks ago on my amateur hunter, Verkade. I was hesitant to make any changes before season but my husband, Dr. Thomas Griffith DVM really wanted me to try this product so I agreed. I have to admit I was skeptical. What I have experienced since feeding Kade the Fresh Mat is a very even tempered quiet guy to ride. Even after a day off he’s quiet and focused. His professional rider Winn Alden was amazed at how well he schooled over fences after having three months off for a well-deserved vacation after the summer show season. Another thing I have noticed is his coat has popped with shine. He loves eating the Fresh Mat and I love how it smells. Just like if you were to add sprouts to your salad. I think it’s a great product. I have taken a Kade off all grain and he only gets Fresh Mat.


Cyndi Elmore Griffith

Since I use Freshmat, my horse has performed much better ! He has energy, his coat is shinny and I don’t need to use anymore anti-ulcers medicine !
Freshmat is natural and gmo-free ! Since we know Cushings disease is related to glyphosate in horse food, I feel much safer feeding my PRE stallion Abanico XVIII.


Emilie Laval
FEI Rider.

I am so happy and satisfied with this amazing product. I’ve been using it for some weeks now and the changes that I am seeing and feeling on my horses are incredible.
This company it’s such a costumer service oriented concept that it’s exactly what makes it so unique, and the product simply speaks by itself with the results you will obtain.


Diego Muyshondt
International rider, coach and barn owner.


We are a company committed to superb animal nutrition. That is why we offer a hydroponic, natural and live food supplement for your horses.

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